What Inspired Me To Write Microsoft Office Articles

The idea for writing these learning based articles came from common question I receive from my students. The Articles I write are a way for me to impart knowledge in a way that is not overwhelming.

Microsoft Office Applications Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word.

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Analir Pisani, Director

These articles have been designed by Analir Pisani from AZ Solutions. Analir is a Certified instructor with over 25 years experience in delivering Microsoft Office Courses to a wide audience.

Delivers training in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Microsoft Office 365.

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Face-To-Face or Virtual

8th July, 2021|Word|

Consider what’s your best method of learning. What situation do you feel most comfortable, clear headed and open to learning? Other factors are cost efficiency for the organization and reduce travel time for Virtual training sessions.

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Convert Word Doc To PowerPoint

4th November, 2020|PowerPoint|

Preparation is the key. Use styles and add a command to your Quick Access Toolbar. How to make a Word Document and PowerPoint consistent making it easy to present from and it isn't that hard to do. This article will walk you through ways to share your PowerPoint presentations and work in harmony between Word a detailed large document to PowerPoint snippets of the facts.

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Jobs Requiring Excel Skills

10th July, 2020|Excel|

Excel is for everyone. An employer is looking that you can create basic spreadsheets with formatting, basic formulas and functions like SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT. For the high-end skilled jobs you'll need complex function skills.