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Jobs Requiring Excel Skills

Excel is for everyone. An employer is looking that you can create basic spreadsheets with formatting, basic formulas and functions like SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT. For the high-end skilled jobs you'll need complex function skills.

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Advanced Excel Functions

Need to cross check or copy, paste data but keep it linked. Lessons in Excel available in Sydney. Try VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP Function in Excel.

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Basic Excel Formulas and Functions You need To Know

Functions are different to Formulas. Formulas use operations like + - * / where as Functions follow a structure. They both start with = A Functions has = Function Name ( in that order. There are over 300 Functions in Microsoft Excel.

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9 Tools To Manipulating Data In Excel

Don't under estimate the power of basic formatting. Techniques for pulling a part data. You have used Text To Column but have you tried Flash Fill. Changing Settings to force data to perform differently.