Office 365 Explained

Office 365 Explained

I often get asked “I want training in Office 365” but what does this mean that is a very open and vague question since Office 365 is made up of lots of apps for desktop, web and mobile.

Office 365 is in a nutshell the latest version of Office that is currently out there on the market for example 2019 is the latest. You can still purchase Office 2019 which will give you only the desktop version of the Microsoft Office suite- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and OneNote.

Office 365 is offered as a subscription you have HOME and then you have BUSINESS there is the 365 BUSINESS BASIC STANDARD PREMIUM and 365 APPS.

Office 365 is more than word excel PowerPoint access outlook. It’s a subscription software that provides apps for the desktop, web as well as mobile.

What do you get in Office 365?


OneDrive is a cloud-based service connecting you to all your files anywhere anytime. You can access files located on your Desktop and have it synchronized to the Web. The idea is to share files easily from anywhere, whether you are on the Web, Desktop, or a Mobile device.

Power BI

Power BI is a software that transfers your data into visuals, where you would use Excel spreadsheets and create graphs you can use Power BI to manipulate, massage large amounts of data and bring it together. The term used to create these visuals is dashboards.


Teams is a way of communicating with co-worker’s on projects a place where they can chat make calls and have virtual meetings.

From Teams Add Tab command there are endless add-ins


SharePoint is a cloud-based collaboration tool where co-workers can share files put up memos when working remotely.


planner is A to do list the point of difference of planner is that you can create tasks but keep track by using filters and grouping your tasks you can get reports that will show you in a graph format the progress of those tasks. planner is only accessible via the web Anne mobile

To Do

To do is your outlook tasks where you can have them accessed via the web desktop and via your mobile.


Sway is a simple version of PowerPoint and only available on the web.


Forms is another app for the web only it’s a simple questionnaire document that you can then share and monitor the responses.


Bookings is an online and mobile app for small businesses that provide services to customers on an appointment basis. Examples of such businesses include hair salons, dental offices, spas…

Within Outlook you can add even further apps like Boomerang which is your Outlook version of Delay Delivery.

Flow/ Power Automate

You can think of Power Automate as macros and rules that perform sets of tasks for you.

Auto upload videos, Save email attachments to OneDrive. Annual emails automated.

Send a Tweet when you create a YouTube, and these are just scratching the surface of what you can do with Power Automate.


You can use the whiteboard while on a Teams virtual meeting. You can write text, insert pictures, draw basic shapes. It’s available for Web, Desktop and Mobile.

My Analytics

This app show you how you are spending your work time. Nothing you don’t already have just in a quick concise format. How it works. Gives you the tools to assign yourself time to focus on what you want. Shows you trends “Do you have enough uninterrupted time to get your work done”. Shows reports on daily break down of your quiet days, Collaborations. There is a tab on Wellbeing – % of time on meetings, emails and chats/calls.


Stream is based on the idea of education. Web based location to be able to share work videos.

You direct co-workers to your Stream group to watch videos by putting it in the chat, sending and invitation where you copy the link.


Office 365 is available for Home and Business as a subscription, meaning you will alway have the latest updates and best features at your disposal as soon at it becomes available. You can work on the Desktop on your mobiles or from anywhere via the Web.

The most widely used apps are: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, OneDrive, PowerBI, Teams, SharePoint, Planner, To Do, Sway, Forms, Bookings, Flow/Power Automate, Whiteboard, My Analytics and Stream, but not limited to.

Microsoft Office Small Group Training Sessions

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