Excel Courses

Use Microsoft Excel to enter data in columns and rows, applying BORDERS to define and make appealing for PRINTING.

Understand how to FORMAT dates and percentage, but more importantly to CLEAR FORMATTING as needed. Learn basic FORMULAS,  comprehend the difference between a formula and FUNCTION.


Duration:1 Day

Objective: To gain an understanding of the potential of Excel. Be able to create basic formulas apply formatting and print successfully.

Essential: Have Mouse Skills, an awareness of keys on keyboard e.g.: Shift, space bar, and Enter key.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the day you will be able to understand what Excel is capable of. Create your own spread sheets, apply formatting, perform basic Formulas/Functions and print.


Module 1 Getting Started

Opening an Existing Spreadsheet, Using Templates, Getting to Know the Environment, Saving Switching Between Workbooks. Close All Excel Workbooks

Module 2 Navigating

Cell Pointers, Navigation Techniques, Selection Techniques, Freezing Panes, Splitting Zoom

Module 3 Editing

Entering Data, Editing Data, Undo & Re Do, Deleting Data, Deleting Columns & Rows, Inserting Columns & rows, Change Column Width

Module 4 Automated Features

AutoComplete, Auto Fill, Flash Fill, Sequences and Series, Custom Lists

Module 5 Formulas & Functions

Basic Formulas, Basic Functions:- Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, Counta. Using the Function Wizard, Relative Cell Referencing, Basic Absolute Cell referencing

Module 6 Formatting

Cells Font Formatting, Conditional Formatting, Formatting $ % Decimals, Using Clear Format, Using Clear all, Using Format Painter. Merge Cells, Text Wrap, Apply Borders Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Special :- Keep source column width, Format Tables

Module 7 Printing

Work in Page Break, Preview, Insert page breaks, Set headers to repeat. Understand Page Setup, Print settings , print selection , print Active Sheet


What People Say about AZ Solutions

Analir was able to tailor a program that suited the varying levels of experience in Excel for our employees.  The training was beneficial for all that attended and we were amazed at some of the more basic tips and tricks that make life easier when using Excel on a day to day basis.

Liza Jones

I found this course to be extremely educational. I would definitely recommend this to beginners of Excel users. Analir was excellent to work with and had the patience to answer all questions asked.

Jessica Holroyd

Very helpful and useful. I had an urgent need since I was starting a new role in a company and decided to undertake a beginner Excel Course to refresh my knowledge.

Thiago Costa

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