Understanding OneNote Course

Gather web page links and images. Create Linked Notes to Word and PowerPoint.


Duration: 90 min session

Objective: Gather web page links and images. Create Linked Notes to Word and PowerPoint.

Essential: Must be able to log into Office.com and have DESKTOP OneNote.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the session you will have a clear understanding of accessing OneNote from Desktop, Web and Mobile.

You will be comfortable creating Notebooks, sections, pages and searching content.


Module 1 Getting Started

What is Office 365?
Office 365 Apps
Understand Desktop OneNote
Understand Web OneNote
Understand Mobile OneNote

Module 2 Getting Started

Create a Desktop OneNote
Set up Section Groups, Sections, Pages and Subpages

Module 3 Working with Pages

Create, Move/Copy Pages
Merge Pages
Delete Pages
Collapse and Expand Pages

Module 4  Page Content

Work with Text Boxes
Change the Paper Size
Turn on Ruler Lines
Change Background Colour
Insert White Space

Module 5 Search

Search All Notebooks, sections and current
Find By Author
Find By Recent Edits

Module 6 Tags

Use existing Tags
Create your own Tags
Set Shortcut keys to Tags
Create A Summary Page Of Tags

Module 7 Template Pages

Create a Custom Template Page
Apply a Template Page
Delete a Template Page

Module 8 Linked Notes

Create Notes to Link to Word/PowerPoint/Outlook

Module 9 Outlook and OneNote

Send Email to OneNote and Visa Versa
Set Tasks
Create Meeting Links

Module 10 Chrome Web Clipper

Send website snippets to OneNote

Module 11 Sharing OneNote

Set Password Protection
Share your OneNote
View History – Like Track Changes


What People Say about AZ Solutions

Analir was able to tailor a program that suited the varying levels of experience in Excel for our employees.  The training was beneficial for all that attended and we were amazed at some of the more basic tips and tricks that make life easier when using Excel on a day to day basis.

Liza Jones

I found this course to be extremely educational. I would definitely recommend this to beginners of Excel users. Analir was excellent to work with and had the patience to answer all questions asked.

Jessica Holroyd

Very helpful and useful. I had an urgent need since I was starting a new role in a company and decided to undertake a beginner Excel Course to refresh my knowledge.

Thiago Costa

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