Mastering Lookup Functions

VLookup is a great tool for comparing data.

XLookup is the updated version of VLOOKUP and comes with exciting new features.


Duration: 90 min session

Objective: Cross Check and match data

Essential: Must have basic formulas and functions knowledge

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the session you will be able to create dynamic lists from data sources.


Module 1 Range Names

Create Range Names
Update and Delete
Store Values
Paste List
Apply Range Names

Module 2 VLookup Function

Understand the structure
Create a VLookup

Module 3 IFERROR Functions

Create an IFERROR
Nest an IFERROR with VLookup

Module 4  MATCH Function

Nest a MATCH Function with VLookup

Module 5 INDEX Function

Understand the Structure
Create and INDEX and MATCH Function

Module 6 XLookup Function

Understand the Structure
Create an XLookup Function
Nested XLookup Function


What People Say about AZ Solutions

Analir was able to tailor a program that suited the varying levels of experience in Excel for our employees.  The training was beneficial for all that attended and we were amazed at some of the more basic tips and tricks that make life easier when using Excel on a day to day basis.

Liza Jones

I found this course to be extremely educational. I would definitely recommend this to beginners of Excel users. Analir was excellent to work with and had the patience to answer all questions asked.

Jessica Holroyd

Very helpful and useful. I had an urgent need since I was starting a new role in a company and decided to undertake a beginner Excel Course to refresh my knowledge.

Thiago Costa

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