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These posts have been designed by Analir Pisani from AZ Solutions. Analir is a Certified instructor with over 24 years experience in delivering Microsoft Office Courses to a wide audience both Face to Face and Virtual Classroom.

Speciality is to customise the course to the group.

Deliver training in Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Visio, One Drive and Microsoft Office 365.

Use the categories section to choose a subject dear to you. Or you might prefer to search for a topic like “how to create basic formulas”, “formatting in Excel”, “how to create styles in Word”.

  • PowerPoint presentations

Design Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Design ideas feature makes presentation design easy. Reduce bullet points by converting text to SmartArt and where possible you your company corporate colour scheme. Transitions and Animations are great but don't over use them.

  • excel courses

Complex Functions

Need to cross check or copy, paste data but keep it linked. Lessons in Excel available in Sydney. Try VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP Function in Excel.

  • SUM

Basic Functions

Functions are different to Formulas. Formulas use operations like + - * / where as Functions follow a structure. They both start with = A Functions has = Function Name ( in that order. There are over 300 Functions in Microsoft Excel.

  • bodmas

Basic Formulas

All Formulas and Functions begin with =. Operators are + - * / and they need to be used in a specific order.

  • excel courses

Excel Formatting

Formatting Excel spreadsheets made easy by using the correct tools. Most useful tools are Conditional Formatting and Format as Table features.

  • woman-typing-writing-windows

Pivot Tables

Use Dynamic data to create your Excel Pivot Tables. Excel Courses available M: 0414417059