There are two techniques you can use when wanting to name your sheets in Microsoft Excel. You can Double Click on the name of the sheet, type the name and press enter. You can also Right Mouse Click on the name of sheet and Select from the list Rename. When working in Microsoft Excel you have a Workbook Name which means the name of the file and Sheets. In just one sheet you have 16,000 columns and over 1 million rows. English pages and pages worth of data in just 1 sheet. To navigate efficiently though all these sheets, you might like to Right Mouse Click on the arrows on the left-hand corner. This will product a list of all the names of the sheets in your Microsoft Excel Workbook. No, they do not appear in alphabetical order. They appear in the order that you need to work with them. You can also Right Mouse Click on the Name of the sheet to change is tab colour this can make it easier to find.

To make a copy of a sheet you can right mouse click and select Move or Copy but its much easier if you hold the CTRL key as you drag. You should see a plus sign this means it’s performing a copy.

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Right Mouse Click – Select Rename


Double Click and type the name


Right Mouse Click – Select – Move or Copy