Modifying a Range Name in Microsoft Excel

Range Names are used to make navigating in Excel Spreadsheets more efficient as well as making functions easier to understand. If you have ever created a Range Name by selecting a range of cells and allocating a name for them, then if the selected data increases you may find that you need to update the existing Range Name. You can do this by going to the Formulas Tab and Selecting Name Manager then in the Refers to: Field modify the range and tick the box. Any formulas or function where the range name has been used will all now automatically be updated. Remember the rules about Naming Ranges: – No Spaces is the big point to make as most people forget. The Range Names must start with a letter, no symbols, you can use text and numbers, but it can’t be the name of a cell eg: You Can’t use QTR1 as this is a cell. The next big point that people forget is you must press ENTER otherwise you have not completed the steps and your Range Name will not work.

A Vlookup function is a great example of where you can use a Range Name. The structure for a Vlookup goes like this: =Vlookup(Lookup Value, Table, Column Number, False or True). Use a Range Name for the Table component of the Vlookup function.


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