Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks Webinars

These webinars answer commonly asked question from my Microsoft Office Training Courses.

I’d like to share some of these solutions with you.

Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, OneNote

All Webinar times are in Sydney, NSW Australia times.

Navigating Excel Like a Pro

More details coming soon 25-6-21

Up Coming Webinars

Date: Friday 28th May 2021

Time: 4:00 PM Sydney, Australia Time

Duration: 30 Min


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Unravel The Mystery Of Formatting In Microsoft Word Documents

In this FREE 30 min webinar you will gain valuable insight into formatting a Microsoft Word Document efficiently. Saving you time and effort


We will make your job easy by applying consistency in formatting. It will be an eye opener into what is going on with your formatted document.

At the end of the Webinar you will receive:

Copy of the PowerPoint Presentation, Links to Reference Notes with step by step instructions and a YouTube of the Demo given.

Analir Pisani

Facilitator in face to face and Virtual Microsoft Office Training courses in Sydney , NSW Australia for over 25 years. These webinars are a way for me to share my students most asked questions.

Past Webinars

Open MS Office Questions

SPECIAL OFFER 30 min Free webinar where you can discuss any questions you have about


On any Microsoft Office product: Excel, Word, PowerPoint Outlook.


How To Use SmartArt In PowerPoint

This Webinar will take you through how to convert your boring bullet points into great visuals by using Smart Art.

On completion you will receive: Notes, Links to YouTube, Copy of PowerPoint.

xlookup features

XLookup Kills Vlookup Limitations

This webinar will explain the limitation of the Vlookup function. Replace them with the new and exiting capabilities of the XLookup Function.

Don’t want to give a way too much but you no longer have to cut and paste the LookupValue from the middle column to reposition it at the beginning of the table of your Vlookup function.

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What can I expect from these Webinars

Solutions to Microsoft Office Application Questions

The PowerPoint includes useful links to reference materials

These reference materials include, links to YouTube tutorials and articles on specific topics relevant to the Webinar.

After watching one of our webinars you might like to take some time and explore for yourself.  You will find a link to the exercise files in the PowerPoint presentation.

Discuss with a facilitator

Prefer a conversation face to face with a human. We can do that too. Just call and one of our facilitators will discuss with you, how we can help.

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